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Replace QuickBooks and prepare for the next stage of business success! 

Free Your Business by Replacing Quickbooks


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QuickBooks is a great introductory system for small businesses, however its limitations quickly become too overwhelming for a growing business. Learn how to break free by replacing QuickBooks and prepare your business for the next stage of success. 


Your QuickBooks Replacement Kit will include:


  • 5 Reasons to Switch off QuickBooks
  • What You Gain by Replacing QuickBooks
  • A Video from a Former QuickBooks User - Moving to Advanced Software
  • What You Can Expect From a More Sophisticated System 



"The technical team led by Darren Myher helped ensure a seamless transition from QuickBooks to Blue Link and while we had some small issues along the way (which is to be expected for such an undertaking) the team was always available for questions. I would highly recommend this software."

Tahseen Bock, Managing Director, Tex Star Bearings


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