How to Compare Software Vendors

With so many options in the market it can be overwhelming trying to compare different software vendors. This is especially true as most proper ERP solutions will offer very similar functionality. It may seem obvious to compare on features and price, but there are other factors that you should evaluate that can have a big impact on the success of the project. This free eBook outlines 6 Factors for Evaluating ERP Vendors, to help you better compare the different options. The specific factors that should be evaluated include:

  1. Customer Satisfaction 
  2. Company Size 
  3. Sales Process
  4. Support 
  5. On-going Dependability 
  6. Costs 

Since the software industry is saturated with very similar product offerings, functionality should not be the only criteria used when evaluating vendors. This eBook provides various questions to ask each vendor, a list of criteria for use in evaluating each vendor and other methods for gathering important information. 


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"After much research to find the right ERP system for our industrial products company we decided to switch to Blue Link Elite. One of the founders, Mark Canes was instrumental in our decision process. He did several demos to ensure that the software would meet all of our needs and also added some custom features so the system would fit our business model."

- Tahseen Bock, Managing Director, Tex Star Bearings

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