Debunk these Common ERP Software Misconceptions

This eBook of ERP Software Misconceptions will provide you with a list of common ERP myths and the truths behind them. Unfortunately, many companies hear these types of statements and don’t bother to further investigate where they come from – always believing that their company is not suited for ERP software. However, for growing businesses looking to expand into new markets, or for businesses looking to sell through different sales channels and automate processes, ERP is the next logical step for business management software.
Common ERP Software Misconceptions Include:  
  • Myth #1: ERP software is only suitable for Fortune 500 companies
  • Myth #2: ERP software leads to layoffs within a company
  • Myth #3: ERP implementations are time-consuming and occur over a period of 9-18 months

Learning about ERP and what it is, and addressing these misconceptions by learning the truth will provide a starting point for companies who realize the value of automated, integrated systems and want to leave behind manual processes as their company grows.


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