ERP Implementation Guide

Learn more about ERP software implementations and the costs involved. 

What do software vendors mean by implementation?

Implementations are an important part of any software project, whether you're replacing an introductory solution, legacy piece of software or just starting a business. 
This ERP Implementation Guide takes an in-depth look at what is involved with ERP implementations, common differences in implementations between vendors to keep in mind when evaluating options and how implementation costs are allocated.

Most implementations will include: 

  • Installation - physical installation of software and applications
  • Configuration - managing system parameters to fit your business needs
  • Data Migration - moving data from existing software or spreadsheets into the new system
  • Employee Training - training employees on how to use the new system

ERP implementations tend to vary significantly from one vendor to the next so understanding what is involved will play a large role in your final decision as well as total project costs. 

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Want to understand how long the implementation process takes? What about how vendors move your data from your old system to the new? Want to learn how vendors determine implementation costs? Download this guide to learn more about software implementations. 




"The implementation as far as SaaS goes was simply hook up to the server. There was no issue at all. It was easy as that. It is comforting to know that our servers are being looked after elsewhere." 

- Boris Zilberberg, CFO, Kidcentral

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