Empower Your Sales Team

with the Right Tools

ERP Software Tools for Your Sales Team

This guide is designed for wholesale and distribution businesses looking for ERP functionality for their sales team.  Learn about traditional functionality such as contact management and customer relationship management (CRM) as well as more robust tools for order taking and analytics.  Specific features discussed include: 

  • Contact Management and CRM - Differences and Advantages
  • Online Order Portal and eCommerce
  • Mobile Sales Applications
  • Automated Reporting

Whether your sales reps visit clients on-site, exhibit at tradeshows, or interact with customers on a showroom floor, fully integrated ERP software can provide them the tools for increasing sales. Learn which functionality is best for your business and how to empower your sales team.  Fill out the short form to the right to download the guide.


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is designed as an all-in-one solution to manage your entire business operations. 



True ERP software includes sophisticated accounting and financial functionality. Manage A/R, A/P, Bank Management, Invoicing, Quoting, Purchase Orders, Order Entry and Processing and more - all from the same solution. When managing a sales team, easily track commissions, generate reports and get insight into productivity with ERP. 



Inventory management functionality allows your business to track product from receipt through to invoicing. Real-time data means inventory numbers are always accounted for - salespeople know exactly what product is available and can easily place orders on behalf of customers. 


Advanced Reporting

Real-time reporting allows your business to get insight into business health, opportunities and threats - automatically. Empower salespeople and management with information to help provide direction for strategic decision making - including inventory management, sales and more.