ERP Pricing Guide

How Much Does Cloud-Based Inventory & Accounting ERP Software Cost?


The cost of ERP software will depend on several factors and vary from one vendor to the next. However, across software tiers or categories, the price of competing solutions will be similar. This allows businesses to easily compare vendors in the same category on factors other than costs – such as functionality, industry fit, after-sale support and more – which will ultimately have a bigger impact on the benefits the system can provide a business.

To learn more about the costs of hosted (cloud-based) ERP software download this guide which includes information on: 

  • How vendors come up with software pricing
  • What's included in monthly license fees and up-front implementation costs
  • Different software categories and associated costs
  • How to estimate the cost of software for your business (with real-world examples) 
  • How to find software on a budget
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ERP Implementation

As part of Blue Link’s commitment to service, we have a team of in-house expert consultants to deliver and perform our software implementation services, including training, data migration, installation and customization. Our consultants, and those of our Partners, understand the importance of our products to your business and have the training and background to successfully implement the system for your business.

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