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The way in which wholesale distribution businesses manage inventory has a direct and critical impact on its overall success and long term viability. Successful business owners understand that inventory represents their livelihood and its importance should never be underestimated or undervalued. Traditional methods for managing inventory, such as pen/paper or spreadsheets, can still be viable options for smaller start-up businesses, or businesses who hold very small amounts of inventory. However, as those businesses begin to grow and expand their offerings, the redundancies and manual processes involved can become too cumbersome to manage efficiently

Inventory management software streamlines operations and automates the processes of your wholesale distribution business. Some functionality includes: 

  • Backorder Fulfillment and Management
  • Multi-Company and Warehouse Transfers
  • EDI Integration
  • Kitting and Bill of Materials (BOM) Support
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Multiple Units of Measure


"Choosing Blue Link Solutions as our core inventory software was definitely the right decision! Blue Link has delivered a solution that allows us to manage our business very efficiently. With the rapid growth that we have seen, it has been great not to worry about software. I highly recommend Blue Link Solutions.


- Pat Chown, Owner, Foundation Distributing


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Save Money with  These Inventory Management Techniques

This eBook contains a compilation of insightful blog posts discussing Inventory Management Techniques for mid-sized wholesale distribution businesses that can help save you money and time:

Asset Tracking

Drop Shipping

The importance of inventory management software for companies who drop ship. 


Inventory Management Techniques

Learn about specific strategies such as cycle counting and common mistakes when it comes to things like inventory replenishment, negative inventory and more.


Functionality to Look For 

Learn what functionality to look for in an inventory management system such as barcode scanning and lot tracking.