Landed Costs Whitepaper: Why Landed Cost Tracking Matters


Manually Managing Landed Costs?

Landed cost tracking and the tracking of true landed costs is crucial to today's manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers . Landed costs are essentially the total expenses incurred to purchase, transport, and import goods from one place to another, within a country or across continents, including border fees, duties, taxes, transport costs, insurance, trans-loading, and port handling fees. These  are  sometimes hidden costs that are involved in making goods available for sale, which, if ignored  would distort the cost of the product being sold. 

This FREE Whitepaper focuses on landed cost tracking needs and software solutions for mid-size businesses. Gain insight into:

  • How landed cost factors such as duty, brokerage, freight etc. are calculated and applied to items purchased
  • How to price inventory taking into consideration an all inclusive inventory cost
  • Benefits of acquiring a  sophisticated accounting and inventory management system with landed cost functionality such as:
    • The ability for landed cost calculations to be based on various identifiers, including volume, weight, or dollar amounts
    • A decrease in operational expenses by eliminating manual tracking and costly mistakes
    • Gaining greater visibility to optimize  profits through proper pricing strategies
Industrial port at dawn at the Port of Casablanca, Morocco.
Landed Cost Tracking Demo
Watch the above video to  learn how to accurately manage product costs and track landed costs in ERP software. 


Automate Landed Costs



“Our old system, before Blue Link, used to calculate landed costs for an entire shipment. We would then have to go into each individual item and apply landed costs manually. With Blue Link, it’s nice to have those costs allocated to all items on the order automatically. Another great feature is the ability to calculate landed costs even before receiving items when creating a PO.”
– Katrina Musselman, Operations Manager, Canadian Saddlery

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