Lot Tracking Whitepaper: Better Inventory Management Through Lot Tracking

eBook - Lot Tracking.pngLot tracking, also known as lot traceability, or lot control, refers to a system that has the ability to properly track product lots (as in manufactured lots or batches) along the entire supply chain – a requirement for  businesses that deal with perishable or potentially harmful products.

 Key features:

  • Aids in achieving FDA / ISO / CFIA compliance
  • Track internal and external lot numbers
  • Pre-assign lot numbers to facilitate FIFO methodology which allows for shipping earlier expiry dates first
  • Simplify product recalls and warnings

Is lot tracking right for your business? Download our Whitepaper to Learn: 

  • How lot tracking meets compliance with global and traded regulations
  • Benefits of an automated system for your business processes
  • How products are tracked end-to-end from your supplier to your warehouse and ultimately to your customer
  • How to track an item's origins and buyers of the item(s) during a product recall 



"We manufacture and distribute a surgically implanted medical device in an industry which is highly regulated in Canada, the USA and in most countries around the world. Using an ERP system which provides complete lot tracking capabilities from manufacture to warehousing to sale and/or consignment to exchange and/or return is an absolute necessity. To use a system that accomplishes all of this in a seamless effortless manner and which provides the capability to access and utilize the data for reporting easily is a luxury.”

– Michael Nealon, CFO, Southern Implants



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