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  • Order Entry/Processing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Contact Management and CRM
  • eCommerce Integration and much more!

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 "I browsed the web extensively and found that there wasn't anyone else that provided better value - anywhere near the value. Anyone with even close to the capabilities as Blue Link has a much higher cost of ownership. There is no other competition in that category."  
Ray Martin, President | Qualifirst Foods

ERP Pricing Guide

The implementation of all-in-one inventory and accounting software (often referred to as ERP) is a huge undertaking, especially when you replace QuickBooks or other introductory software. Even if you're moving from legacy software or an existing ERP system, it's important to understand the costs associated with implementing a new solution in order to set a realistic budget for the project.  Learn more about the costs of inventory and accounting software with this guide. 

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