SaaS (Cloud-Based) vs. On-Premises

Which installation method is better for your business?

What is best for your Business?


When it comes to Inventory Management and Accounting Software, you can often choose between SaaS (Cloud) and On-Premises installation methods. Depending on your unique business situation, one method may be a better option than the other. By downloading this whitepaper you will learn:

  • What is SaaS?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each installation method
  • Pricing models for SaaS and On-Premises
  • Which method of installation is best for your business and how to make the right decision

Although both installation methods have their pros and cons, certain businesses can benefit from choosing one over the other - understanding the various factors involved and the differences between both will help your business make the right decision.


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To say the prospect of this change evoked trepidation and anxiety for our management team would be an understatement. Having used our old ERP system for so long, we had created an enormous database of information, luckily both systems utilized SQL but the data conversion added an additional layer of apprehension...but Darren and his team, first remotely and then over a week on-site achieved a near "flawless" conversion to their Blue Link Elite ERP platform and had us working in the new system almost immediately. This was an incredible feat only made possible through experience and knowledge, both of which I can attest they have an abundance of.

Ross Lemire, AccuFlo

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There is a reason why more and more small businesses are choosing cloud-based software - it just makes sense! You no longer have to worry about maintaining expensive hardware and servers and instead can focus on growing your business. Not too mention that there are many hidden costs to on-premises software. 

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