10-Step Process to Search for Software 

Save Time and Money Searching for Software is a whitepaper outlining a 10-Step Process to help your business shorten the entire buying process and make the right decision. 

 In this whitepaper you will learn:
  1. If it is beneficial for your business to buy new ERP Software now or if you can wait a few months
  2. How to establish a team for making the right decision  
  3. How to extrapolate and understand different departmental requirements
  4. How to ensure your business is getting the right fit through analysis and research 
  5. How to appropriately budget for a new software system
  6. How to save money during data migration and when evaluating components
This whitepaper provides comprehensive background information to help you make an informed decision and lists resources for additional information.
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Customer Testimonial


“I was looking at some of the large companies out there and I felt really lost. While they had nice features I did not see them growing with us. Then I came across Blue Link. I was quite happy to see it was a small company; they seemed to be more 1-on-1 with our requests. I liked the design, it seemed to be more open and I could access the data in behind more easily than other products out there.”

– Arthur Hill, Operations Manager

Why Look for New Software?


Your Existing Software is Outdated


Your Existing System Does Not Have Desired Functionality


You're Using Multiple Pieces of Disconnected Systems