Wholesale and Distribution Guide to Buying Software

Need Help With The Software Search Process?


Gain valuable insight into:     

  • Which software tier is best for your company.
    Information is broken down by functionality, integration, support and price range.  
  • The software search process and how to avoid typical stumbling blocks. 
    Includes several overlooked steps to get you started such as setting priorities, which requirements to evaluate and how to make the final decision.  
  • A comprehensive comparison chart of implementation methods.
    Learn if your company is more suitable for a cloud-based or on-premises solution. 
  • How to compare different software vendors and address budget concerns.
    Includes information on what questions you should be asking and how to rank your options.

Finding and implementing a new Inventory Management and Accounting ERP System involves a large commitment of resources including money and time. It's important to understand the best approach for finding an appropriate solution, and doing your research on what systems are available in the market will help make sure you find the right system that best fits your company's unique needs.

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We have been using BL for a number of years now. We have a quite integrated platform, connecting our inventory management, warehouse management, accounting, CRM, website platform, and EDI relationships. Working quite closely with the team at BL has been very enjoyable and progressive. BL has supported our business through new developments and custom coding as we have grown over the years.
Daniela Iaboni | VP, Kidcentral

How to Convince Management You Need New Software

You've researched different software vendors and found the right software for your company. The only problem is, how do you get management on board? Find out how you can convince management with these 5 steps: 

  1. Quantify Your Pain
  2. Qualify the Investment
  3. Compare the Investment
  4. Use Employee Buy-In
  5. Get Management Buy-In
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