Demystifying the EDI Process


Learn about how EDI works, what your options are for accepting and transmitting EDI files and the benefits of doing so. 


What is EDI? -Whitepaper


EDI or “Electronic Data Interchange” represents a set of standards, outlining formats for information that can be electronically exchanged between two parties.  Oftentimes, large companies require their suppliers to follow EDI standards.  Therefore, if your company uses EDI, it opens up the door to be able to do business with these larger distributors or retailers. In addition EDI provides many other benefits such as greater flexibility, reduced labor costs, and increased production and performance.


This guide explores the EDI process in depth to help you understand if EDI is the right fit for your business. Learn about...


  • What EDI means and how it works
  • How to translate EDI files and your options for doing so
  • The benefits of using EDI
  • The different types of EDI files


“We have been able to seamlessly integrate the two platforms (Blue Link & Magento eCommerce) to tie-in our inventory, customers, orders and streamline a lot of stuff so there is no duplication of work – it’s very smooth.”


- Ben Burmaster, Owner

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