Pharmaceutical Distribution Software


What software features to look for as a pharmaceutical distribution company


What to Look for in

Pharmaceutical Distribution Software


As a pharmaceutical company, the products you sell are controlled under a number of legislations, and it is imperative to abide by these rules in your distribution processes. Certain standards and regulations are in place to manage the safe distribution of product and provide customers peace of mind. In order to abide by these regulations and keep customers happy, consider investing in a strong back-end ERP system with pharmaceutical specific features.   


This guide takes a closer look at some of these specific features and why they are important. Learn about:


  • Lot tracking
  • Revision control, special orders and drop shipping
  • DEA and state license expiry management
  • Customer SKU classification and controlled drug scheduling
  • National Drug Codes (NDC) number association of product
  • Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance 


Download What to Look for in Pharmaceutical Distribution Software to be sure you're implementing the proper technology and following the correct processes to be compliant in the industry. 





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