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What to Look for in Salon & Cosmetic Distribution Software

Having once used charcoal as eyeliner, the beauty industry has come a long way with the introduction of technology. As it continues to advance, the Beauty & Personal Care Market is expected to grow in value from $511B in 2021 to $784.6B come 2025. Beauty Wholesale experts use technology to increase efficiencies by managing inventory and warehouse operations and streamlines their supply chain by matching supply and demand.

In this guide we discuss features and functionality Salon & Cosmetic distributors should look for during their software search. 


Blue Link ERP is an all-in-one inventory management and accounting system designed specifically for wholesale and distribution businesses


What's Inside?

Blue Link ERP provides Accounting Software and Inventory Management Software as part of an all-in-one cloud-based ERP solution and is best suited to small and medium-size businesses, primarily wholesalers and distributors, as well as those that sell through retail and eCommerce channels.


Point Of Sale

 Blue Link ERP provides point-of-sale functionality for use in retail brick and mortar stores and for processing orders and accepting payment at tradeshows

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CRM/Contact Management

Enhance the customer service experience with contact management and CRM. Comprehensive and flexible sales lead opportunity tracking and provides a dashboard for managing regular customer communication and sales prospects.

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Lot Tracking

Many industries rely on lot tracking for product recalls and product warnings as well as for better inventory management purposes.

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